Ethics & Conflict Diamonds

For centuries, due to fierce competition in the industry, fine jewellershave protected information about their sources of diamonds, gemstones and gold.  But times change. Perhaps because of more worldwide attention on human rights and sustainability or perhaps because of movies like the 2007 blockbuster film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio, consumers are now demanding more information about where their diamonds and gold come from and how their fine jewellery is made. Most importantly, they want to know that it has been ethically produced.

We at Diamond Rocks want you to know that we share your concerns.

When sourcing our diamonds, gemstones and gold, we pay close attention to two areas: the environment and human rights.

Unless it's carefully regulated, the mining of gold can have devastating effects on the environment. It can lead to deforestation and high amounts of harmful chemicals being leached into the air, water and land.

One issue is the use of the highly-toxic chemicals cyanide and mercury to extract gold from rock in the mining process. The amount of chemicals used is staggering - an estimated 180 tons of sodium cyanide each year worldwide. Mercury was used for the same purpose for centuries, but is now surpassed by cyanide. Needless to say, if accidentally spilled or leached into the environment, the toxins can contaminate land and drinking water supplies and harm wildlife populations.

Another concern about mining is clear-cutting. In large-scale mining processes, it is necessary to clear the land of all trees, which can contribute to global warming and loss of animal habitat.

Human Rights
A majority of the gold and diamonds mined throughout the world comes from developing, third world countries and as such, human rights conditions become a great concern. Contaminated water supplies can make local people sick, violating their rights to good health. Low wages can keep workers in poverty, unable to meet even the most basic of human needs. And child labour is widely used, with estimates as high as one million children currently exploited by the industry.

So-called blood, or conflict, diamonds are those that are used to finance terrorism or civil wars. Often these diamonds are taken or smuggled from mines where workers are abused or threatened. The blood diamond problem has been especially severe in some parts of Africa.

Diamond Rocks Ethics Policy
We at Diamond Rocks are making every attempt to balance ethics concerns with our desire to bring you the best quality diamonds, gemstones and gold jewellery. We embrace the United Nation's Kimberly Process for certifying that diamonds are conflict free and we support Stop Blood Diamonds and other groups who promote conflict-free diamonds. Also, our gold is only green gold, that is, gold that is mined through sustainable practices. Our intention is that our customers can rest easy, knowing their jewellery has evolved, from mining to setting, from totally ethical principles.

The diamonds featured online have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. The seller (Diamond Rocks) wishes to sell these diamonds online and hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.

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