The importance of jewelry in India.

29 Jan / 14
The importance of jewelry in India.
Female ornamentation is a fairly old practice in Indian culture that stems from the ancient Sanskrit text, which laid down the concept of the sola singar. It refers to 16 items a woman can adorn to take her beauty to another level. In the previous blog post we looked at India’s rich history, culture and love affair with jewelry. In this blog post we will look at a few key traditional pieces of jewelry, brides in India adorn. 1. Maang Tikka This beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry had lost its charm in recent years, but is back with a bang and is a feature in traditional Indian weddings. It fills up the center parting, ie: The Maang that a bride has to keep for her groom to fill in the sindoor later. You can choose a heavier maang tikka if you have a broad forehead or a lighter maang tikka if you have a smaller forehead. Usually, the maang tikka comes along with the bridal set so that it is of the same metal and colour scheme. 2. Necklace The haar or necklace is the most essential piece of jewelry in a traditional Indian bride’s arsenal. Not only does it help cover the bare neck area, if properly matched with your outfit it also accentuates your look more. 3. Earrings Wearing a necklace without appropriate earrings is fashion suicide at any Indian wedding. The necklace and earrings usually complement each other and complete the look. Choose your earrings carefully, too heavy and it could cause pain in your ear, and too light and it may not get noticed. You need to strike a fine balance between the two. Also, diamond and stone studded earrings go with lighter pastel tones of the bridal wear while gold pieces look good with reds and maroons. 4. Nose Ring This is one piece of jewelry that is authentic to Indian brides. While it may not suit all brides, the decision to wear or not to wear a nose ring is an important one. You can either go with a small stud or an elaborate one with a string that connects the nose ring and the earring. 5. Bangles The most popular item of jewelry for an Indian bride, bangles are a must at every Indian wedding. On the wedding day, a bride is expected to wear real gold/diamond bangles. Also, in some Indian cultures, the tradition is to wear no gold but glass bangles of vibrant colours. 6. Finger Rings Finger rings are an important component of the wedding jewelry set. The bride wears her engagement ring along with the one that she gets with her bridal set. Wearing more on each finger is a personal choice. Colourful stone studded rings, matching the colour of the outfit also look good. 7. Anklets and Toe Rings Another quintessential piece of jewelry spotted at traditional Indian weddings is the toe ring. In India it is considered as the mark of a married women. Many brides also wear payal or anklets to complete the traditional Indian bride look. 8. Waistband Just like the maang tikka, waistbands are back in vogue. A slim and elegant waistband not only forms a part of the jewellery set but also enhances the beauty of the bare torso area. We hope you enjoyed our series on Indian jewelry, culture and tradition. Do share your comments and views with us in the box below.
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