Swasticka Mukherjee Unveils Anjali Jewellery

12 May / 12
Swasticka Mukherjee Unveils Anjali Jewellery
Swasticka Mukherjee, a popular actress in Tollywood, unveiled some elaborate and intricate pieces of jewellery from the film, “Bhooter Bhabishyat”. In the movie, Swastika wore some of the traditional Bengali gold jewellery designed by Anjali Jewellers. She was in the new Anjali Jewellers showroom to unveil the jewellery which was designed by the outlet. Swastika talked about her connection to the character she played in the film. She said that she believes that Anjali Jewellers make jewellery according to what the character demands. She continues saying that the collections created by Anjali are classy. Swastika continues saying that her character, Kodolibala, lived in a time when women wore lots of jewellery. The character used to get a lot of jewellery from Jamindars, but she never marries and commits suicide. After her character dies, she continues to wear her jewellery and is very possessive of it. The jewellery played a major role in the film. The collection of jewellery Swastica showed included a Sita Haar as well as some delicated ear pieces and Anjali’s signature bala-Golap Bala. Anjali Jewellers thought about modern day brides by giving the traditional bridal jewellery a twist so that it can be worn for a variety of occasions.
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