Spring Jewelry Trends: Part I

30 Jan / 16
Spring Jewelry Trends: Part I
Springtime Jewelry Trends: Welcome the sparkling season in sparkling style: Part I Spring is in the air. The air itself is crisp, the days longer and the nights are cool. All around you trees are in full bloom, the fragrance of a thousand flowers caresses your senses and all seems to be right with the world. Spring is also a time for entertaining, outdoor parties, picnics, dinners and lunches are the flavour of the season. What then must you wear to these parties and functions, by way of accessories? In this first of two blog articles, we will examine the styles, trends and fashions from the world of jewelry and give you the latest trends to consider, so that you can dazzle in the sparkling season! Top Trends for Spring 2014 Multicoloured Bracelets: You may have stacked bangles that you have been using for the past several years, but in 2014, it's all about mixing metals and styles. Texture and mixed metals are big this season and you can get the new look by combining shiny bangles with hammered ones, gold with silver, silver with platinum, palladium and tungsten. Stacking varying widths of bracelets or even stacking multiple types like bangles, beaded and leather styles will be popular, as well. Look at bracelets in newer metals, embellished with diamonds, semi-precious stones or birthstones to really make your flowery dresses pop. Statement Necklaces: Punch up your wardrobe with a fun statement necklace this spring! Itís also a great way to add a pop of color to your ensemble! While statement necklaces are ever popular in large, chunky crystals or pearls, do a little something different with a number of coloured stones replacing the dated crystals.Now that itís starting to get warmer, you can pair them with your favorite flowing spring dresses. Try platinum as your metal of choice, fact is that it is understated, perfect for both formal and casual events and really enhances the stones further. Layered: This basically means multiple ornaments of the same type in different styles. For instance, a thin chain with a slightly heavier chain, in varying metals and stones. Better still go in for a number of bracelets on one hand. Remember to experiment with the type, like a charm bracelet in silver, with a bead bracelet, followed by a leather one. The layered look is definitely in and is quite bold and experimentative. Delicate earrings: Abandon the chunky hoops and dangling chandelier type earrings this season and opt instead for dainty little studs. Check out white gold and platinum earrings in a variety of patterns. Also look for the studs in different nature motifs, asymmetric patterns, and other pleasing designs. Donít forget to look for different coloured stones to add a dash of colour to your wardrobe. Large Beaded Bracelets: A single, large, stone or bead encased in a framework of a solid metal in a single metal is really hot this season. The bead or stone needs to be in a single colour in stark contrast to the metal casing. Vivid stones: Bold colors will be found in many fashions this year. Perhaps the best known color authority, Pantone, released their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014. this forecast included myriad bright colors such as Freesia, Celosia Orange and Radiant Orchid. Other shades like Placid Blue and Dazzling Blue were also mentioned, meaning that aquamarine, sapphire and other gemstones in this hue will likely be very popular along with any colors that mix and match with any of the mentioned colors. Do stay tuned for part two of our springtime trends forecast, in the meantime, do let us know your opinions in the comments below.
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