Pallavi Jaikishan’s Forty Year Label Anniversary

03 Aug / 12
Pallavi Jaikishan’s Forty Year Label Anniversary
Pallavi Jaikishan is celebrating forty years as a designer in the fashion industry. Many brides have worn her bridal wear with their traditional jewellery on their wedding day. She is also known for her couture clothing items.

Jaikishan started in the fashion industry without any kind of formal education. Her friends would ask her for advice about their clothes because she was always into making her own clothes as a teenager. She loved fabrics and embroideries. Jaikishan started in the industry informally and learned everything she now knows on the job.

She is really happy about many successes that she has had during her forty years in fashion. She is especially pleased with her ability to marry French elements into Indian bridal wear.

Pallavi Jaikishan is going to celebrate forty years in the fashion industry with her first ever show at Lakme Fashion Week. She wanted to celebrate her milestone by trying something new and she thought that LFW would be the perfect opportunity. She will also start working on her autobiography soon.

Jaikishan shows no sign of slowing down in fashion any time soon. No doubt women will be excited to see what new creations the talented fashion designer comes up with and all will be looking forward to seeing her creations at Lakme Fashion Week.
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