Kolkata gets new jewellery store

14 May / 12
Kolkata gets new jewellery store
Madhabilata, a popular city model, was present at the opening of the new jewellery store in Kolkata. She was there to showcase the jewellery. Even though she says that she is not much of a jewellery person, she said that the jewellery is really interesting because their designs are traditional and stylish at the same time. Sen Brothers Gem and Jewells launched this new showroom at Rashbehari Avenue. Sen Jewellers have introduced a new style of concept jewellery of Rajasthan and South India. This jewellery caters to the fashion desires of working women. Sen Jewellers have kept in mind the soaring price of gold while making this jewellery. The collection of jewellery includes antique polish that has a small touch of Kundan work on the silver. As is currently trendy, the jewellery collection includes jewellery that blends light weight gold that amalgamates tradition with a contemporary design. The work includes Manipuri work as well as a Grecian influenced filigree. There are precious stones set and enameled with gold in the Meenakari collection. This revived the zest of Rajasthan. There is also a diamond jewellery collection that has some designs exclusively include Marcus stone and Choki stone.
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