Koechlin and Hasmi Unveil Jewellery Collection

09 Jun / 12
Koechlin and Hasmi Unveil Jewellery Collection
Two Bollywood actors, Kalki Koechlin and Emraan Hashmi have unveiled a new collection of jewels. The collection is called the monsoon collection of Maya Jewels. The showroom is at South Extension-1 in New Delhi. The actors also promoted their new political thriller, “Shanghai,” which came out on June 8th. It received mixed reviews and critical acclaim with 1200 prints of the film. The movie is based on the novel Z, by Vassilis Vassilikos and is said that it is not the everyday average Bollywood film. The movie is supposed to make viewers think and some have called it “brilliant,” and said that it is “the most astute politically themed movies ever made”. Koechlin said that she was glad to have the opportunity to unveil the collection while promoting her new movie at the same time. She said that she loves the pieces of jewellery because they are beautiful and unique in design. The latest collection is a blend of diamond jewellery and gold in many different shapes. The company stated that the collection could be worn with any type of attire and it denotes the many different seasonal flavours. The store has many different jewellery styles and types from brands like Gili, Parineeta, Nizam, D’damas, Nakshatra, and Asmi.
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