Indian Brides Choose Accessories for their Wedding Day

27 Jul / 12
Indian Brides Choose Accessories for their Wedding Day
Weddings are an important part of every couple’s life. It is a day that they will remember for the rest of their life. Bridal jewellery plays a big role in any bride’s wedding day attire. Accessories are also a part of the wedding day. There are many accessories that women may choose to wear on their wedding day. Brides will always look for the best accessories to wear on their wedding day.

One accessory that is popular with brides is Maang Tikka. These are hair ornaments that have a chain that sits in the center and a hanging ornament which is flat or round and sits on the forehead. The ornament may hang from one or more chains that are attached on the sides of the head. The Matha Patti is a kind of Maang Tikka that has beaded strings. The Jhumar is another kind of Maang Tikka where the ornament hands from the side of the bride’s head. Another accessory that an Indian bride might choose to wear on her wedding day is a nath. The nath is an ornament worn in the nose and many Maharastrian brides wear these. The nath has a small ring, jewel, or stud that is pierced or just clipped onto the nose. It is often seen attached to a chain and fastened to the side of the head. The chain may be made of gold or have beads with jewels hanging.

Not all Indian brides choose to wear each of those accessories. Brides choose what they want to wear to make their wedding an event they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.
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