Essential tips to clean your diamond rings

08 Jun / 13
Essential tips to clean your diamond rings
Your diamond engagement ring is your prized possession and it is extremely essential to keep it glowing like the day you had first put it on. Many people opine that there is no need to take any extra efforts to keep the diamond engagement ring sparkling and gleaming. Regular hand wash will eventually clean the rings as well. However, if you wish to have your diamond rings looking good as new, it is best to clean your engagement rings every once in a while, possibly on a weekly basis. Given below are some of the ways that you can adopt to ensure a clean and sparkly diamond ring. 1. Using baking soda: If you thought that baking soda was simply for baking scrumptious cakes, it is time you ponder that again. Baking soda makes for an excellent cleaner and the best thing about using this for cleaning your rings is that it is absolutely free of chemicals. This is a product that can be usually found in the pantry of all households. To clean a ring that is not too dirty, mix baking soda and water in such a way that the mixture resembles a thick paste. Use this paste to rub it all over ring including the stone and the setting. Once you have done that, rinse it in water and dry it off. It is important to use lint free cloth for this purpose. 2. Using detergent liquids: Using detergent liquids works wonders on grimy diamond rings. The process of cleaning your engagement ring with this liquid is fairly simple. All you need to do is create a soap solution using 3 parts warm water and 1 part liquid detergent. You could use the detergent used for dishwashing purposes. Dip a tooth brush with soft bristles into this soap solution. It is extremely important to use only toothbrushes that have very soft bristles to avoid any damage to the ring or the stone. Gently brush the ring with the brush. Cover all the nooks and crannies to get rid of hidden dirt. Once you have done that, rinse it with clean water. This process works extremely well when you wish to get rid of oils from lotions and other such substances that find their way into the rings. If the ring is extremely mucky, it would be wise to soak the ring in this soap solution for an entire night. 3. Ammonia: You may not realize it but ammonia works as an excellent cleansing agent. The gleaming of the diamond is intensified when cleansed using ammonia. For clean and sparkly diamond rings, soak your ring in a solution comprising of 3 parts warm water and 1 part straight ammonia. Do not soak for more than 3 to 5 minutes. If your ring still has some grime on it, you can use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean the areas and rinse it with water. Using a lint free cloth to dry and polish your stone is the final step in getting a diamond ring that looks like it has just been brought from the jewellery store.
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