Asian Jewellers to Gather advice from Jewellery Community

23 Apr / 12
Asian Jewellers to Gather advice from Jewellery Community
With gold jewellery in the Asian markets being created with such high standards like 22 karat gold, many Asian jewellers are becoming targets for criminals. In an upcoming seminar to be held in Birmingham at the end of April, a new initiative created by both the Birmingham Assay Office (BAO) and the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) will discuss in full detail some of the troubles that might be facing the Asian Jewellery community with much of the focus of the initiative being on the West Midlands. The exact scheduled date of the seminar will be on April 30th. The organised event has been planned with help by the West Midlands local radio, TV, press, and police department along with both jewellery organisations to reach as many in the Asian Jewellery industry to discuss issues of security, trading, hallmarking all in second hand jewellery designed with the Asian Markets in mind. CEO of BJA stated that he believes the rising cost of the price of gold is to blame for the increased crime rate against the Asian communities. With gold being top choice among Asian retailers to combine with their fine gemstones and diamond jewellery, it is difficult for both consumers and buyers of the jewellery to know exactly what percentage of gold is contained with so much of it being 22ct gold. This is why an assay and hallmark have to be present to protect both trader and consumer. The seminar is set to be the platform for the introduction of The Gold Standard which will be a joint collaboration among the BJA, the National Pawnbrokers’ Association, the NAG, and Surrey Police on how to buy second hand jewellery over the counter. If interested in attending you can get tickets for the event from the BJA, as the seminar will be held at the Jewellery Quarter Conference Centre.
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