A special part of Indian Weddings: The Baraat

31 Jul / 12
A special part of Indian Weddings: The Baraat
One of the highlights of Indian weddings, besides seeing the bride in all of her beautiful bridal jewellery, is the baraat, or wedding procession. The baraat consists of many different elements which, when combined, lend an element of extravagance to a wedding. Usually the friends of the groom and his family members accompany the groom to the place where the wedding will be held.

A baraat is a time of excitement and fun. Many members of a baraat will sing along to Bollywood tunes. The groom and the horse he rides in on are covered in finery. He gets the chance to feel like a royal when he rides in on the horse with his face covered by a sehra and wearing a turban.

The groom doesn’t always ride a white horse. He sometimes will ride an elephant or be in a carriage drawn by a few horses. Depending on the culture, the groom may be accompanied by a younger sibling to be his protector.

Nowadays, many grooms choose to ride in a vintage car that is decorated with ribbons or flowers.

The traditional baraat has 12 or more musicians who play traditional baraat music. They usually wear red or shite uniforms. Sometimes the 12 musicians are replaced by a few bhangra dancers who perform stunts and dance. The groom is eventually led to the place where the wedding is to wait for his future bride. No matter who makes up the baraat, one thing is for sure. A man will remember this moment for the rest of his life.
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