7 B-Town gals who love their jewellery.

07 Jan / 14
7 B-Town gals who love their jewellery.
Who can forget the sensational performance of Madhuri Dixit in the song Maar Daala, from the 2002 movie Devdas? Dressed from head to toe in golden ornaments this begum stole many hearts when she performed the mujra. Indian women love jewellery. In fact most women don’t even step out of the house without wearing any. It is this love and passion for jewellery that has made India the hub of precious stones and jewels. But if you thought that Madhuri Dixit is the only B-Town celebrity who loves her jewellery, you’re quite mistaken. Here’s our list of 7 B-Town gals who love their jewellery. 1. Sonam Kapoor Fashionista and glam diva Sonam Kapoor is someone who always keeps the tabloids guessing as to her appearance. This glamorous B-Town gal loves all things shiny and can usually be seen sporting fashionable outfits perfectly paired with designer jewellery pieces. She was recently spotted at the grand finale of IIJW, wearing a beautiful traditional red saree and a bewitching long Raani Haar made of emeralds, polkis and pearls. 2. Chitrangada Singh The beautiful Chitrangada Singh, besides being a delight to the eyes is also a lover of fine jewellery. She can carry off almost any kind of jewellery effortlessly. She was recently spotted wearing a diamond necklace complete with a dashing pendant, rings and earrings. She also loves diamond jewellery and owns a collection of pendants and necklaces. 3. Kangana Ranaut Known for her critically acclaimed performances, Kangana Ranaut is another B-Town babe who loves her jewelery. Not only that she looks particularly stunning in unconventional jewelry pieces. At a recent fashion show she was seen wearing a lehenga choli paired with a dazzling winged diamond necklace with a fan shaped pendant of pearls. She also has a huge collection of earrings and bangles and she loves collecting them. 4. Neha Dhupia One of the few B-Town starlets who can pull off heavy jewelry, Neha Dhupia never fails to look as stunning as ever. A fan of statement pieces and standout jewelry pieces, Neha Dhupia loves to flaunt her precious metals. Also spotted at a recent fashion event wearing a complete bridal set consisting of bangles, earrings and necklace. 5. Madhuri Dixit Of course this list would be incomplete without the ‘dhak dhak’ girl. The sultry Madhuri Dixit always knew how to make her jewelry stand out. Whether it was gyrating to Dhak Dhak or swooning to Maar Daala, Madhuri pulled it off with elan. Known for her love of gold jewellery, she has often put on bridal jewelry for many of her shoots and films including the yet to be released Dedh Ishqiya. 6. Mugdha Godse Model Mugdha Godse, may not have made it big in Bollywood, but she has forever been a lover of fine jewellery. Often seen sporting stunning pieces, Mugdha’s love for all that glitters can’t be denied. She was recently spotted at a fashion event, wearing a four pendant long necklace, multiple cuffs, bangles and giant earrings. 7. Alia Bhatt The latest entrant into B-Town, Alia Bhatt may not be the biggest name in this list, but the spunky gal certainly loves her jewelery. She can be usually seen, in minimal jewelry but impactful pieces. Recently spotted on the ramp at a fashion event wearing a cute pair of large pearl earrings.
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